Brian Williams - Realtor
Brian Williams

Brian had a distinguished career with both manufacturing and software companies including a strong background in marketing, sales and technology. His knowledge of the internet along with his marketing and sales background has made a strong impact on his real estate customers.

Currently Brian is a Director of the Southern Adirondack Realtor Association and is also a Past Treasurer of that organization. He is also a Director and Treasurer of the Southern Adirondack MLS. These positions provide Brian with a strong insight into the current real estate market including the issues facing today’s buyers and sellers.

A long time resident of the Glens Falls area, he brings an in depth knowledge of local residential neighborhoods, marketability of those homes, along with current market pricing. He is a strong believer in educating his clients and then guiding them throughout the real estate transaction process. His ability to negotiate the right price, along with his ability to keep the deal together after the contract, has allowed his clients to achieve success without undergoing the typical disappointments associated with many real estate transactions.

He believes in continual communication throughout the process and you will feel very comfortable with his easy going, friendly personality. However, in a respectful way, he will tell you exactly what you absolutely need to know, without sugar coating, in order to understand how the process will move going forward.